Tickets for the June Virtual D&D Weekend are coming May 31st!

Join us for a weekend of Dungens & Dragons adventures set in Critical Role's Exandria, the Forgotten Realms, Magic the Gathering's Strixhaven, PLUS a special sneak-preview from Journeys to the Radiant Citadel! Play exclusive Adventurers League content not availble elsewhere, with fantastic DMs and players from all over the word, all from the comfort of your own home!

Virtual D&D Weekends - May 2022

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Welcome, friends old and new, to Virtual D&D Weekends!!!! As the world continues to change and how we game evolves, we are excited to partner with Wizards of the Coast to continue this monthly D&D program.

Come spend the weekend with us from Friday, the 20th, to Sunday, the 22nd, when we will be organizing a huge weekend celebration of D&D games, friends, hanging out, and other exciting surprises that will continue to repeat each month. The newest released seasonal content, epics, special events, and brand new campaign content from the D&D Adventurers League (AL) as well as non-AL content and even older editions of D&D games will be available as our program grows and evolves. All available from the comfort of your own home, no mask required (but please wear one when stocking up on snacks to prepare for the weekend).

For more information head over to our Baldman Games Community Discord Server.

Important Dates/Times
Registration is set to open on May 10th at noon EDT (GMT -4).

All event times are in Eastern Daylight Time (GMT -4).

The last day for refunds is May 15th at 8pm EDT (GMT -4). All ticket sales after this point are final (we can work with you to move or exchange tickets but no guarantees).

Once you purchase your ticket you will receive an email - that email will contain a link to our Discord Server where all games will be organized and staff will be available for questions and help. Do not wait until your game to head there. The sooner you check in the sooner you will have things set up and ready for your game.

Code Syntax
EGW-XX: These are adventures from the Explorers Guide to Wildemount, intended to serve as on-ramps for the Critical Role campaign.
CoN: Part XX: These are sections from Call of the Netherdeep, part of the Critical Role campaign.
MOON XX-X: These are our classic Moonshae Isles: Rising Shadows adventures – a completed storyline set in the Forgotten Realms campaign.
DRW-XX: This is part of the Dreams of the Red Wizards collection of adventures in the Forgotten Realms campaign.
DDEX/DDAL XX-YY: These are classic seasonal storylines from years past in the Forgotten Realms campaign.
WBW-DC-XX: These are adventures made by independent creators that take place in the Feywild and are part of the Forgotten Realms campaign.
Strixhaven: Year X, Pt. Y: These are sections from Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos, an organized play campaign exclusive to BMG.

Hints and Highlights
Friday - Tables #1 - 33, 164, 165
Saturday - Tables #34 - 109, 163
Sunday - Tables #110 - 159, 162
NEW TABLES ADDED - #162, 163, 164, 165

Upcoming events

There are no upcoming events at the moment. Please check again soon.

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