David Christ

About Me

The Baldman – David Christ: The Boss. The one who gets the credit but mostly the blame. David joined the RPGA in 1999 to get the free magazine and was quickly roped into helping out with the Living Greyhawk campaign. From there he started running local shows for LG before being waylaid in an alley and conscripted to run the campaign for Wizards of the Coast in 2002. After a few years of warm fuzzies and kittens with LG he accepted a challenge in 2004 to better organize and run the RPGA presence at all the large shows WotC attended. The rest is history. I blackmailed some henchmen to have my back and never looked back. I suck at names so I’ll apologize in advance (though I’ll probably be able to recite your last ten show schedules as well as what shoes you were wearing for them).