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Welcome, friends, to a new program from Baldman Games - Home Game in the Cloud. Our Virtual Weekends have been a resounding success, bringing D&D games to thousands of players in more than a dozen countries in the last few years. We've survived the Frozen North together, foiled the plans of Red Wizards, dealt with both whimsical and wicked fey, and begun exploring brand new settings like Exandria, the Radiant Citadel, and soon the Astral Sea.

But some games are tougher to run during just those weekends once a month. And sometimes 4 hours simply aren't sufficient for you to let your amazing characters breathe and grow and build the bonds of friendship with the other players at your table. For that, we've been working on a solution ...

Game more often, at the right time. Following up on the promise of our Red Carpet events, we'll be allowing play all year round. Games may include older series, hardcovers, limited edition adventures that can't be played elsewhere, and other unique stories. You and your DM will figure out a pace and a schedule that works for you with payments continuing to happen here through the Yawning Portal. You'll have access to some of our most highly-regarded DMs and space that continues to be provided and maintained by Baldman Games, still covered by our usual policies designed to ensure players and staff alike are safe, comfortable, and welcome at all times. You'll also be able to continue accruing rewards for continuous play just like you would at in-person or Virtual Weekend events.

Once you've registered for a game, we'll add you to the appropriate channels in our Baldman Games Community Server on discord (typically within a day or so) and you'll be able to connect with your DM to get additional info about your game.

Refunds. Should you be unable to make your ticketed game and require a refund, the deadline for making a request is 48 hours in advance of the start time for your session. Games that are ticketed individually allow us to make refunds for specific individuals, provided you purchased a single ticket. Any games ticketed for a whole table or where players have purchased multiple tickets must be refunded in their entirety and you may not be able to rebook. Responsibility for replacing individual members of a group table is solely on the part of the players.

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