Table #90 ‒ CoN: Part 6 - Faction Initiate (Library) - Roll20

Sep 24, 2022, 8:30 – 10:45 PM

Cost: $9 - Start time: 04:30 PM - DM - Graham Ward - THIS ADVENTURE IS ONLY PLAYABLE BY MEMBERS OF THE LIBRARY OF THE COBALT SOUL. Greed has awakened a powerful entity long lost. A mighty champion calls for new heroes to save him. A two-hour adventure for new or existing 8th-level Critical Role campaign characters.

AL Dragonlance CampaignAfternoon UTC-5 GameSaturday

About this event

Seven days after you completed the previous mission, you are invited to the Temple of the Mentor to meet with High Curator Jamil A’alithiya, he has tasks for you...

This session will introduce and allow characters to join the Library of the Cobalt Soul faction, should they choose. characters may participate in all three introductory faction sessions before deciding which faction to join.

This portion of the Call of the Netherdeep adventure is for 8th-level characters built using the Critical Role campaign Players Guide.


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