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Table #113 - BMG-MOON-MD-06 - Death Sailing - Roll20

Sunday, May 21, 2023, 6:00 – 10:45 PM UTC

Cost: $15 - Start time: 02:00 PM - DM: Garrett Crowe - Come home to the Moonshae Isles, a land of magic and legacy! 5 years have passed since the Isles were threatened with destruction by a shadowy figure, but now a new threat rises, and new heroes are needed! An adventure for 5th through 10th-level Forgotten Realms characters.

About this event

The group tasked with saving Price Owaren Kendrick has finally escaped Snowdown. Aboard an ally’s ship, their goal now is to reach Caer Callidyrr on the isle of Alaron. However, Lady Erliza Daressin has made plans to make sure their journey back home will not be an easy one.

Part 3 of The Fangs of Snowdown trilogy of adventures. 

A four-hour adventure for 5th through 10th-level characters in the Forgotten Realms campaign.