Table #48 - DDEX 01-06 - The Scroll Thief - Fantasy Grounds Unity

Virtual D&D Weekends - May 2022
Sat, May 21, 2022, 9:00 AM (EDT)

Cost: $15 - Start Time: 09:00 AM - DM: Greg Haben Journey to the city of Phlan with this classic Adventurers League story in a fight to stop the Tyranny of Dragons! A four-hour adventure for 1st - 4th-level characters in the Forgotten Realms campaign.

About this event

Scholars Square is a relatively quiet corner of Phlan, but a series of odd thefts have the headmasters of various schools in the area concerned. The head masters’ pleas for help have gone unanswered by the Black Fist, and the Lord Sage of Phlan decides to reachout to you and your kind to bring those responsible to justice. 

An adventure for 1st-4th level characters.


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