Tickets for the June Virtual D&D Weekend are coming May 31st!

Join us for a weekend of Dungens & Dragons adventures set in Critical Role's Exandria, the Forgotten Realms, Magic the Gathering's Strixhaven, PLUS a special sneak-preview from Journeys to the Radiant Citadel! Play exclusive Adventurers League content not availble elsewhere, with fantastic DMs and players from all over the word, all from the comfort of your own home!

[SOLD OUT] Table #72 - MOON 20 - Through the Storm - Roll20

Cost: $20 - Start Time: 02:00 PM - DM: Darin Briskman The Moonshaes are in peril. The isles need heroes. Will you answer the Earthmother's call? The epic conclusion to the Moonshae: Rising Shadows storyline! A four-hour adventure for level 11-16 Forgotten Realms characters (APL 13).

About this event

For years a shadow has been growing on the Isles. Its face revealed, it is time to end the threat and restore the Earthmother to her full power. A storm is to be released. Will you and the Moonshaes survive and prosper as a great captain weathering the storm or will the ship sink? 

A four-hour adventure for level 11-16 Forgotten Realms characters. Optimized for APL 13.


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