Tickets for the June Virtual D&D Weekend are coming May 31st!

Join us for a weekend of Dungens & Dragons adventures set in Critical Role's Exandria, the Forgotten Realms, Magic the Gathering's Strixhaven, PLUS a special sneak-preview from Journeys to the Radiant Citadel! Play exclusive Adventurers League content not availble elsewhere, with fantastic DMs and players from all over the word, all from the comfort of your own home!

[CANCELLED] Table #51 - Stranger Things Starter Set (Two Slot Game) - Zoom

Cost: $30 - Start Time: 09:00 AM - DM: Matt Layne Embark on a Stranger Things adventure! Mike Wheeler from Hawkins, Indiana, has created an awesome Dungeons & Dragons adventure ... and now you get to play it! An 8-hour adventure in two parts for characters beginning at 5th-level (speak to your DM for character creation details).

About this event

The characters have been summoned by Sir Tristan, the ruler of a small domain in a lonely stretch of mountains. A terrible monster called a thessalhydra has been attacking his realm. It is a strange and dreadful creature with eight heads surrounding a large circular mouth rimmed with jagged teeth. Its maw drips with acid, and its tail ends in a pair of sharp pincers. Tristan asks the characters to get rid of this menace.

An 8-hour adventure in two parts for characters beginning at 5th level.



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