Tickets for the June Virtual D&D Weekend are coming May 31st!

Join us for a weekend of Dungens & Dragons adventures set in Critical Role's Exandria, the Forgotten Realms, Magic the Gathering's Strixhaven, PLUS a special sneak-preview from Journeys to the Radiant Citadel! Play exclusive Adventurers League content not availble elsewhere, with fantastic DMs and players from all over the word, all from the comfort of your own home!

[CANCELLED] Table #109 - Intro 3: By the Seashore - Zoom

Cost: $4 - Start Time: 09:30 PM - DM: Matt Layne Bring together lessons from "The Basics" and "Intermediate" in this two-hour adventure: By the Seashore. Bring your existing Learn-to-Play character or any 1st-4th-level Forgotten Realms campaign character. 1st-level pre-generated characters are available.

About this event

Chaotic magic torments the village of Stonedock, presenting opportunity to a devious grifter. Unknown to the scoundrel, a stolen trinket brings with it the wrath of Thay! Who will weather the storm of deception?

A two-hour adventure for level 1-4 Forgotten Realms characters, optimized for 3rd level.


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