Table #143 - DDAL-EB-09 Lord Bucket - Roll20

Mar 14, 2021, 12:00 – 4:45 AM

Cost: $15 - Start Time: 07:00 PM - DM - Mead, Canon - Oracle of War is D&D Adventurers League campaign allowing players to take part in a thrilling tale of destiny, and espionage set in the world of Eberron. The greatest villains conspire against scheming Dragonmarked Houses to seize control of the Oracle, an artifact with the power to decipher the Draconic Prophecy and the future

About this event

When word reaches Breland that the Lord of Blades is plotting an attack, the outpost of Salvation becomes the first line of defense. In preparation for war, the Brelish army enlists the adventurers to secure the outpost, serving under the vainglorious General Karol Tyresh; a buffoon known to his troops as “Lord Bucket.” This Tier 2 Eberron adventure is optimized for APL 9, and is the second adventure in the three-part Dogs of War storyline.

Once you purchase a ticket you will receive a link via email to the events Discord server (if you bought more then one ticket please share this link with your fellow players). Clink the link to join the sever, find your table # and DM, and get everything setup and ready to game till your weekend away. To help expedite the process make sure you have any accounts needed setup ahead of time based on the event you signed up for (Discord, Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, etc.). A Discord account with a registered email address is required regardless of platform. No game includes time for character creation at the table unless specifically stated. If you have any questions prior to your session, please feel free to ask in our official Baldman Games Player Discord channels for this show.


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