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Table #27 - [One D&D Playtest] - DDAL00-12b - A Helpful Distraction - Roll20

Saturday, December 17, 2022, 2:30 – 4:45 AM UTC

Cost: $5 - Start time: 09:30 PM - DM: Carolina Luzes Marcos - THIS IS A ONE D&D PLAYTEST SESSION FOR 5th TO 10th-LEVEL CHARACTERS. Please read the important details here:

About this event

The time has come. Tiamat's latest plans to wrest control of Avernus from the archdevil Zariel are in the Tower

of Scales, and agents of Bahumat are ready to pull a heist. They just need the right diversion…

A two-hour sesson for 5th-10th level Forgotten Realms characters.