[SOLD OUT] Table #9 - [One D&D Playtest] - DDAL00-12a - Bad Seed - Roll20

Dec 16, 2022, 9:30 – 11:45 PM

Cost: $5 - Start time: 04:30 PM - DM: Jenny Hale - THIS IS A ONE D&D PLAYTEST SESSION FOR 1st TO 4th-LEVEL CHARACTERS. Please read the important details here: http://Baldman.link/ODD

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About this event

The son of Waterdavian brewers sought to escape a boring future crafting beer and so made a deal with a devil: in exchange for the souls of his parents, he was granted magical power! Unfortunately, the boy didn’t read the fine print in his contract and now he serves the armies of Dis as their brewer for eternity.

A two-hour sesson for 1st-4th level Forgotten Realms characters.


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