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[SOLD OUT] Table #87 - DRW-11 Shadows in the Stacks - Roll20

Sunday, December 19, 2021, 2:00 – 7:00 PM UTC

Cost: $15 - Start Time: 09:00 AM - DM - Carlucci, Mike - Adventures in the Dreams of the Red Wizards storyline are not tied to any one Forgotten Realms storyline season and offer play opportunities for Tier 2 through Tier 4 characters. These adventures will be released at a slower pace and the community will be able to impact the narrative through the outcomes of the adventures that they play.

AL Forgotten Realms Campaign
Morning UTC-4 Game

About this event

Hoping to put names to the location descriptions you uncovered in Waterdeep, you head to Candlekeep. You are not alone. Some want what you have, others don't want you to discover any more. A four-hour adventure for 5th to 10th level characters. Optimized for APL 8. CONTENT WARNINGS: illness (fictional, contagious, quarantine), madness, suicide (mention of thoughts).


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