Table #92 - CCC-SDREAM-01-01 - From Every Winter, Spring - Roll20

Mar 17, 11:00 PM – Mar 18, 3:45 AM

Cost: $20 - Start time: 07:00 PM - DM: Corgi - Join us for a rare D&D Adventurers League story: pure and honest "hope punk". An adventure where characters do direct and simple good for NPCs, which hopefully leaves players feeling reaffirmed. A four-hour adventure for 1st to 4th-level adventurers in the Forgotten Realms campaign.

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About this event

An elderly gentleman asks a group of green adventurers to escort him to a fountain of youth. What they discover will leave them rethinking their own lives.

A social-focused adventure with an emotional tone.

A four-hour adventure for 1st through 4th-level characters in the Forgotten Realms campaign.


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