Table #54 - WBW-DC-PHP-POLAR-02 - You've Goat to Be Kidding Me - Roll20

Apr 13, 11:00 PM – Apr 14, 3:45 AM

Cost: $20 - Start time: 07:00 PM - DM: Corgi - Thie adventure starts in Cormanthor Forest before launching headlong into a Feywild domain of tickery and deceit. An adventure for 1st through 4th-level Forgotten Realms characters.

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About this event

A human farmer has lost his favorite goat and needs help finding it!

They just need to venture into the Cormanthor Forest.

A simple job for skilled adventurers, where nothing can go wrong… right?

A four-hour adventure for 1st through 4th-level characters in the Forgotten Realms campaign.


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