[SOLD OUT] Table #84 - WBW-DC-ZODIAC-06 - Nightmare of the Naga - Roll20

Mar 17, 11:00 PM – Mar 18, 3:45 AM

Cost: $20 - Start time: 07:00 PM - DM: Amy Jordan - Journey to a Feywild Domain of Delight, Samsara, a realm of rewards, reincarnation, and fortune. Inspired by the myths of the Lunar New Year and the animals of the Eastern Zodiac, celebrate the year of the dragon with this special saga. An adventure for 5th through 10th-level Forgotten Realms characters.

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About this event

Time has been tampered with and the nightmarish unraveling of an archfey has disastrous consequences for the domain of Samsara. Tasked to travel through time, space, and dreams, you must save us all from this nightmare.

Part of the Zodiac Tales series in which adventurers will have opportunity to meet one of the archfey of Samsara, The Pearl.

A four-hour adventure for 5th through 10th-level characters in the Forgotten Realms campaign.

CONTENT ADVISORY: Eldritch Horrors, Mental Illness (Trauma), Fey & Fairy Tale Themes, Sexual References (Puberty), Snakes (Phobia), War.


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