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[SOLD OUT] Table #120 - DDAL 00-10 - Trust and Understanding - Roll20

Sunday, April 16, 2023, 6:00 – 10:45 PM UTC

Cost: $30 - Start time: 02:00 PM - DM: Andrew Geesy - The Saga of the Worm is legendary in the annals of the D&D Adventurers League, and now you too can find out what terrors lurk in the darkest dungeons… A eight-hour adventure for 17th to 20th-level Forgotten Realms characters.

About this event

The shield dwarves of western Faerûn sometimes speak of a labyrinthine structure on the shores of a misty lake. Rumored to imprison an ancient creature that predates Faerûn’s beginnings, the place has long been sealed. But now coins are showing up in bazaars and trader’s booths that match the description of those minted by this citadel, and they are rightly concerned.

An eight-hour adventure for 17th to 20th-level characters in the Forgotten Realms campaign.