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Thu, Oct 8, 5:00 PM (UTC)


About this event

The Moonshaes are plunged into shadow and with permission of High Lady Ordalf, survivors have made their way to Gwynneth, the only Isle spared from darkness. The Conclave needs heroes to execute their plans of survival in the face of the most powerful threat the Moonshaes have yet seen, the Slain. A Four-Hour Adventure for Tier 3 Characters. Optimized for APL 13. Part 1 of the Pawns of Torment Trilogy.

When your game starts the link "Join Virtual Event Here" will go live and take you to the starting page for your game. To help expedite the process make sure you have any accounts needed setup ahead of time based on the event you signed up for (Discord, Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, etc.). A Discord account with a registered email address is recommended regardless of platform.

This adventure requires an AL Character level 11-16 who has level through oficial D&D Adventurers League play. There are no pregens and you cannot just create a character above 1st level to play. If you have any questions prior to your session, please feel free to ask in our official Metaverse Player Discord.


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