Marik Montalvan's Uncaged: Goddesses Home Game (Roll20)

Mar 28, 12:00 – 4:00 AM

Cost: $25 8:00pm EST - 12:00am EST DM: Marik Montalvan Each adventure in this book centers around an evil- or neutral-aligned goddess from the Faerûnian pantheon in D&D and beyond! Many of their legends have been told in the past, but rarely do these stories explore the goddesses’ histories, conflicts, and goals. Here, the goddesses finally get to shine.

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About this event

Uncaged: Goddesses is an Ennie-award winning anthology of tier 4 adventures where each chapter focuses on an evil or neutral-aligned goddess from the Forgotten Realms pantheon. (With a few from other worlds as well!) Though some of these deities have featured in other publications, Uncaged: Goddesses delves deep into their histories, goals, dreams, and other conflicts.

But this won't just about hard-hitting, epic-level combat and high stakes narratives. One thing I've been missing from AL is character growth and development, so I also want to integrate your characters' stories into these adventures. I want to be a big fan of your characters and help them achieve their (hopefully not evil) goals!

I will be taking stat blocks, boons, and other fun stuff from different sourcebooks to weave them into the story and make a unique campaign tailored to your characters! Since this is non-AL, character creation will be different. (You can play as your existing AL characters, but with certain changes when it comes to items and story awards.)

What you can expect of the games I run: I'm a very narrative-driven DM who loves to interact with players through roleplay with NPCs and I try my best to make each adventure "relevant" for all characters in terms of their backstory or their other experiences. I love players who engage with me and show me how much energy they have since it's hard to "see" that while playing online. I often encourage my players not to stay quiet, but to feel free to laugh and otherwise react while I run the game!


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