Liam James' Doomed Forgotten Realms Home Game (Roll20)

Nov 20, 2023, 12:00 – 4:00 AM

Cost: $25 Sunday 7:00pm EDT - Sunday 11:00pm EDT DM: Liam James The Doomed Forgotten Realms. An alternate world where good has lost and evil prevailed, overseen by the Whispered One, Vecna. Travel across a twisted version of Faerun with DM Liam James and see if you have what it takes to stop the rise of Vecna!

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About this event

Banish any sorrow. There is no life. Only death. Just as there are no gods. Only Vecna! Vecna prevails!”

Again and again, evil has threatened the Forgotten Realms and every time the forces of good have been there to stop it. The factions have risen up, adventuring parties have been gathered together and sent out on campaigns and the day has been saved.

But what if it wasn't? What if instead your adventurers were living in a world where evil had triumphed? One where the Cult of the Dragon had freed Tiamat, the Underdark was overrun by demon lords, the princes of Elemental Evil walked free, the Storm King was dead and the ordning upturned, Baldur's Gate got dragged into Avernus and Icewind Dale was still trapped beneath Auril's ice. And one being pulling all of the strings - the Whispered One, the Maimed Lord, Vecna.

This is the world of the Doomed Forgotten Realms, a dark and exciting new campaign in three parts. We'll start at level 1 with the prologue, Academy of Adventure, and then move into Rise of Vecna, which will take characters from level 3 to 10, and then on to Fall of Vecna which goes right up to level 20. This structure gives several great entry/exit points for the campaign.

There'll be a good mix of social, exploration and combat, with new monsters and magical items and quite a few familiar NPCs. Things will be dark, but there'll be humour too. It'll really suit players well versed in the events of fifth edition, but no previous knowledge is necessary.


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