Game Session with Matt Layne - Zoom

Jun 20, 2022, 10:00 PM – Aug 22, 2022, 3:59 AM

Date/Time: Mon. - Thurs. after 6pm EDT Cost: $50/$100 DM: Matt Layne Here's your chance to gather your adventuring party and play through a game of your choosing with one of our most notable DMs. You pick a time within the available window and any adventure or series of adventures that can be completed in around 12-16 hours. See this form for signup details:

AL Dragonlance CampaignAL Eberron CampaignAL Forgotten Realms CampaignNon-AL

About this event

Welcome and we hope you enjoy some of our Home Game in the Cloud pilot sessions! We know that sometimes cramming multiple games into a single weekend each month isn't the right choice for every group and every adventure. In order to facilitate more games every month, we're testing out some different ways of setting up longer-form adventuring.

For this game, you will be purchasing the full table as a group weekly. Games will be held at a time and pace you agree on with your DM between 6pm and midnight, Monday through Thursday. Each game will cost $100 ($20 per player) for a 4-hour session or $50 for a 2-hour session, paid at least 30 minutes in advance of the start time. Once you've gathered a full group of five players and filled in the signup form, we'll reach out to let you know whether your group has been selected for play. If selected, you'll work directly with Matt to set a schedule and decide on the adventure(s) you'll be playing, all of which must be completed between June 20th and August 21st, 2022.

When paying for the first game, please make sure to include the discord usernames of all participants in the pre-order form. Games will be organized on the Baldman Games Community Server on discord, so please make sure to join us there and within 48 hours we will confirm your usernames and grant you a special role that will give you access to your game channel. If you haven't seen additional channels appear after those first 48 hours, please reach out using the #i-need-help channel and one of our admins will assist you.


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