Carolina L. Marcos Candlekeep Home Game (Roll20)

Mar 29, 10:00 PM – Mar 30, 2:00 AM

Cost: $25 Run time: Friday 6:00pm EST - Friday 10:00pm EST DM: Carolina Luzes Marcos You are in Candlekeep because you want something, but are you ready to learn more about the secrets that lie within its walls? If you don't fear knowledge and power, join us for this set of AL-legal adventures that will take you from level 1 to 17.

AL Forgotten Realms CampaignEvening UTC-4 GameFriday

About this event

You're a new adventurer and you want to learn more about the world and you go to Candlekeep. And you learn, maybe more than you expected as you move from level 1 to 17 while playing those adventures. I'm DM Carolina and I feel like those set of adventures will be good to bring different players together while also creating a coherent story inside of candlekeep itself.

Welcome and we hope you enjoy some of our Home Game in the Cloud sessions! We know that sometimes cramming multiple games into a single weekend each month isn't the right choice for every group and every adventure. In order to facilitate more games every month, we're adding some different ways of setting up longer-form adventuring.

For this adventure, you will be purchasing individual game sessions every second week for twelve sessions. Games will be on Friday nights at 6pm EST. Each game will cost $25 per player, paid in advance of the start time. For the following session, you'll receive a 72-hour advance window in which to purchase the next game before we open those seats up to the public.

When paying for your first game, please make sure to include your discord username in the pre-order form. Games will be organized on the Baldman Games Community Server on discord, so please make sure to join us there and reach out using the #i-need-help channel where one of our admins can grant you a special role that will give you access to your game channel.


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