Welcome to the Yawning Portal!

Welcome to the Yawning Portal, the new home for D&D Adventurers League news and information! As we settle in, let’s chat about how we’re using this space. 

If you’re new to the D&D Adventurers League, please head to the Wizards site for an overview of the play program, then hop back here when you’re ready to dive in! 

News & Announcements 

If you’re looking for information on the latest adventure releases, guidelines for a new hardcover, or updates to campaign documentation, we’ll share that guidance here. 


As we receive questions about rules and play specific to the D&D Adventurers League from the community and share their answers, we’ll consolidate them into a regular series of posts so they remain available to our players and DMs for easy reference. 

Event Information & Listings 

Since D&D events have become more accessible thanks to the power of online play, we’ll round up information for upcoming conventions, game days, and charity events to make it easier to find your next session. 

Community Support 

We’re here to help you live your best DDAL life. From moving your in-person game to an online format, to making sure your tables are welcoming and inclusive, to juggling the everyday needs of an ever-growing player base: we’ll share information, interviews, and articles centered around improving your games and your community. 

Contact Us 

If you have questions you’d like to see addressed or would like to submit a topic for discussions, you can reach us via the following methods: 

Happy Gaming! 

The D&D Adventurers League Team