Transitioning characters from Seasonal to Masters

The two newest adventures in the Masters campaign, DRW- 09 Vile Bounty and  DRW-10 Unsafe Harborage, premiere this month at July's Virtual Play Weekend.  The Tier 2 Shadow Games storyline has been designed to pick up after the events of the Seasonal campaign, so in order to enable characters to make the transition more smoothly, the Adventurers League team is making some changes to the level ranges for the final adventure in the Seasonal storyline. 

DDAL10-10 Burying the Past​, part ten of the Plague of Ancients Seasonal campaign, was previously planned as a Tier 3 adventure, for character levels 11 through 13.  When it premieres in August, DDAL10-10 will accommodate  character levels 10 through 13, allowing Tier 2 players the opportunity to complete the storyline with the same character who may wish to continue on into the Shadow Games storyline.

Players who wish to make this transition from Seasonal to Masters as a Tier 2 character may wish to ensure their character is no higher than level 10 after DDAL10-09 Recipe for Retribution, allowing them to play DDAL10-10 and/or DDEP10-02 A Song of Spears, which also premieres in August. Those players should decline advancement granted by those adventures, allowing them to enter Shadow Games with a 10th-level character.

Shadow Games is the Tier 2 component of the Terminal Ambitions story arc, which will also include Tier 3 and Tier 4 play.  More information about these new Dreams of the Red Wizards adventures in the Masters campaign will be announced soon!