Releases and Updates: October 2023

Here are the newest D&D Adventurers League updates and releases. While the Adventurers League website is under construction and our guidance system is evaluated, you can find all current guides on the official D&D Discord server.

Service Awards

Service awards thank community members for their time spent on Adventurers League activities beyond being a player. You earn your choice of listed rewards with the hours you log for activities like Dungeon Mastering, reviewing adventures, and event organization (see "Types of Service").

The current Service Awards, version 12C, went into effect October 5th, 2023, and is effective through all of January 2024. Rewards have been updated to include items from new publications and directions on earning rewards if the next version is not released immediately on February 1st, 2024. While it has been the case that you could continue to use the most current version or start saving hours for the following Service Awards document, this is the first time the document states this information.

Liars Night Holiday Event

Every year, starting in October, Adventurers League creates a one-of-a-kind, limited-time-only holiday event for Adventurers League player characters to celebrate. You can find information about this year's Liars Night here on the Yawning Portal.

Adaptation Guides


Phandelver and Below: The Shattered Obelisk Adaptation Guide. You can now dig into the Phandelver and Below: The Shattered Obelisk adaptation guide. The guide provides information on this Forgotten Realms campaign, its tier ranges, advancement, and rewards.

The updated version of Lost Mine of Phandelver is printed in Phandelver and Below: The Shattered Obelisk.  Following guidance, we should use the latest version. In the case of this adventure, we have a little more flexibility; if a Dungeon Master cannot run the newest version, they should notify their players that they’re running the 2014 version and use the updated descriptions for rewards.*


Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse Adaptation Guide. Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse is coming to stores on October 17th, 2023!

The Adventurers League Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse adaptation guide is currently in progress, giving organized play characters a chance to explore the multiverse. The guide is expected to be available in early November. Here are a few details it will cover.

Planescape will be considered part of the Forgotten Realms campaign (see "Appendix: Campaign Worlds" in the Adventurers League Player's Guide). While these multiverse adventures cross into other realms, guidance from the Player's Guide still applies--"once your [campaign] choice is made, you cannot change it for that character after you’ve played your first adventure." Player characters cannot change their assigned campaign by playing these adventures.

Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse spells will become available to Forgotten Realms player characters. Backgrounds, feats, magic items, and character death are under evaluation now for potential limitations or restrictions within organized play.

Player characters starting the Planescape adventure, Turn of Fortune's Wheel, may create a 3rd-level Forgotten Realms character using the Adventurers League Player's Guide and the adventure's "Character Creation" guidance as relayed by their Dungeon Master. Alternately, with Dungeon Master's approval and roleplaying guidance for beginning the adventure, players may choose to use existing Forgotten Realms characters they advanced to 3rd level through play. Don't forget to leave your previous adventure's story awards behind and your DM will tell you about other things you'll need to leave behind to fit the storyline.

During our holiday event celebration, Liars Night lycanthropes have damage resistance to nonmagical attacks made by cranium rats, including those encountered in newly published content like Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse.

This is just a peek at what's to come! More details will be provided with the release of the Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse adaptation guide.

[Change log: 10/24/2023, added the paragraph about running Lost Mine of Phandelver (2014).]