Ravenloft: Mist Hunters Adventure Info and Release Schedule

Ravenloft: Mist Hunters kicks off at the July D&D Virtual Play Weekend with the premiere of the first three adventures in its linear story arc. The first, a multi-table interactive event, asks characters to infiltrate a masquerade ball in search of a wayward academic; the adventures that follow will see the party wandering through the Domains of Dread, heading to Kartakass and Falkovnia and beyond!  All adventures will premiere at Virtual Play Weekends before being released on a monthly basis to the DMs Guild.

If you'd like to peek through the mists, Dragon+ Magazine spoke with AL Content Manager Travis Woodall about Mist Hunters in Issue 38.

RMH-EP-01 The Grand Masquerade 

by Ma'at Crook & Amy Lynn Dzura 
A four-hour epic adventure for 1st-level characters. 

You are approached by Alanik Ray, a master investigator working on behalf of a secret society. Seeking agents to aid in the search for a missing scholar, he asks that you attend the Grand Masquerade—a great ball in the city of Port-à-Lucine. Hope you brought your dancing shoes!

Content Warning: Possession, insomnia, oppressive aristocracy, forced impersonation, anxiety of living a lie, abduction 

RMH-01 The Final Curtain 

by Greg Marks 

A four-hour adventure for 3rd-level characters.

Over dinner, a friendly face asks you to venture to Emherst, a quirky village in Kartakass, in search of a missing person. No sooner do you arrive than villagers start winding up dead. Who is behind the murders? 

Content Warning: Murder, death by suffocation and poisoning, fire, gore and mutilation, performance anxiety, forced into a role, manipulation (gaslighting), drug and alcohol use 

RMH-02 Back to the Front 

by Travis Woodall 
A four-hour adventure for 3rd-level characters.

Your quarry has been located, meaning that returning them to Alanik Ray is just a matter of getting to them. Unfortunately, a never-ending horde of zombies stands between them and you—can you complete your mission? 

Content Warning: Violent despotism, execution by impaling, traumas of war, involuntary servitude, child soldiers, children in peril, grotesque body modification, gore, violence 

RMH-03 The Amber Dirge 

by Claire Hoffman
A three-hour adventure for 4th-level characters.

Your benefactor, Alanik Ray, has dispatched you to Har’Akir to investigate rumors of the White Oasis. Residents of the nearby River’s Shelter are all dying and seek to cleanse themselves in the oasis’s waters as hauntingly beautiful reed pipe music accompanies their passing. Something isn’t quite right, however. Are there more nefarious deeds afoot?

Content Warning: Terminal illness, self-harm (suicide), grief, depression, abduction, murder, thoughts of dying, denial of the peace of death

RMH-04 The Amber Secret 

by Alan Patrick
A three-hour adventure for 4th-level characters.

You’ve revealed the mastermind behind the disappearances in River’s Shelter, and confrontation is imminent! But is the puppet master merely a puppet himself? If so, who is pulling the strings and to what end?

Content Warning: Swarms of insects, claustrophobic suffocation, gaslighting

RMH-05 Unexpected Hospitality 

by Casper Kirketerp-Helenius 
​An adventure for 5th-level characters.

While you were attending to other matters, Alanik dispatched a team of operatives to Barovia. The team has gone silent, and Alanik fears the worst. You have been tasked with discovering the fate of the lost team and completing their mission. If you can avoid the attention of Count Strahd von Zarovich, all the better.

Content Warning: gore, fur trade (mention)

RMH-06 Amber Reclamation 

by Ayanna Jones 
​An adventure for 5th-level characters.

Your investigations have led you to the peaks of Mount Ghakis, and the Amber Temple—
an ancient resting place of terrible evil—lay before you. With any luck, the missing investigator
is inside and their work complete. Unfortunately, luck doesn’t seem to have been working in their favor so far. 

Content Warning: possession, starvation (mention)

RMH-07 The City of Dreams

by Jay Africa 
​An adventure for 6th-level characters.

Entrusted with greater responsibility, you’ve been dispatched to I’Cath to find the Urn of Dreams. There, you must navigate the city and find a way into the Palace of Bones—the home of the domain’s Darklord. To accomplish this, you’ll need help from unlikely sources. Whatever you do, though, don’t fall asleep.

Content Warning: body horror (eyes, teeth), gore, death, children in peril, oppression (slavery, poverty, imposed insomnia), mental health (grief), self-harm.

RMH-08 The Palace of Bones 

by Kat Kruger 
​An adventure for 6th-level characters.

The Urn of Dreams lies somewhere within the Palace of Bones, and you’ve been tasked with finding it. Along the way, you learn you aren’t the only ones in pursuit of the elusive artifact. To have any hope of recovering the urn before your mysterious rival, you must discover the palace’s secrets, and use them to your advantage.

Content Warning: nightmares, possession (loss of agency), gore (dismemberment), food (rot), abuse (stalking), death (execution, mention), confined spaces, oppression (slavery).

RMH-09 The Deadliest Game 

by The GM Tim 
​An adventure for 6th-level characters.

Rumors tell of a jungle shrine in the domain of Valachan, and Alanik has asked you to brave the dangers within in search of the vestige that sleeps within an amber sarcophagus. While the jungle is the clearest danger, you'll have far deadlier things to contend with than beasts and plants.

Content Warning: horror, gore, oppression (xenophobia, genocide, humanoid hunting, ritualistic murder, forced survival combat), death, abuse (forced amputation), environmental hazards (jungle), possible phobia triggers (insects, snakes, leeches).

RMH-10 Scion of Darkness 

by Marcello De Velazquez
​An adventure for 7th-level characters.

The island of Kiru is visible in the distance, and within the jungles that blanket it, the temple
that you seek. The jungle doesn’t rest, however, and neither should you; with death fast on your heels, you must set off in pursuit of your quarry.

Content Warning: horror, gore (blood, dismemberment, impalement), oppression (xenophobia, genocide, humanoid hunting, being hunted, ritualistic murder), murder, self-harm, abuse (forced amputation, optional possession, threats, intimidation), environmental hazards (jungle), possible phobia triggers (insects, snakes, leeches).

RMH-11 Calling Upon the Dead 

by Gabrielle Harbowy
An adventure for 7th-level characters.

A séance among friends new and old leads the investigation somewhere deeper and darker than ever before. Conjuring the restless spirits of slain adventurers, you rely on them to guide you to the next piece of the puzzle.

Content Warning: death of loved ones, grief, undead imprisonment and enslavement. Mentions mass murder, murder of families, and suicide.

RMH-12 Beneath the New Star 

by Steffie de Vaan
An adventure for 7th-level characters.

Newfound knowledge brings you to the domain of Darkon. Alanik is certain Azalin Rex is behind
the dark plot, but time is running out to stop them. The detective charges you with venturing to the ruins of Castle Avernus to learn what you can. Hopefully, it isn’t too late.

Content Warning: possible phobia trigger (insects). Mentions torture, gaslighting, murder, nonconsensual reanimation of the dead, and murder of one’s adult child.

RMH-EP-02 A Darklord's Denouement​  

by Jeremy Forbing & Ginny Loveday
An Epic adventure for 8th-level characters.

The true mastermind behind the dark plot you’ve been investigating has been revealed.
Bathed in the crimson light of the King’s Tear, Alanik, Kabe, and a host of adventurers from countless Domains of Dread, stand ready to put an end to his profane aspirations. But will it be enough?

Content Warning: torture, child in peril, death (child, loved ones), fighting yourself, unavoidable failure, demonic possession, possible phobia triggers (drowning, blood), being forced into evil actions, memory loss, false memories, disappointing loved ones, nonconsensual body swap, forced PvP combat, character retirement, mentions murder of an adult child.