Ravenloft: Mist Hunters Adventure Info and Release Schedule

Ravenloft: Mist Hunters kicks off at the July D&D Virtual Play Weekend with the premiere of the first three adventures in its linear story arc. The first, a multi-table interactive event, asks characters to infiltrate a masquerade ball in search of a wayward academic; the adventures that follow will see the party wandering through the Domains of Dread, heading to Kartakass and Falkovnia and beyond!  All adventures will premiere at Virtual Play Weekends before being released on a monthly basis to the DMs Guild.

If you'd like to peek through the mists, Dragon+ Magazine spoke with AL Content Manager Travis Woodall about Mist Hunters in Issue 38.

Debuting July 9-11, 2021:
RMH-EP-01 The Grand Masquerade by Ma'at Crook & Amy Lynn Dzura | DMs Guild release: August 10, 2021
A four-hour epic adventure for 1st-level characters. 

You are approached by Alanik Ray, a master investigator working on behalf of a secret society. Seeking agents to aid in the search for a missing scholar, he asks that you attend the Grand Masquerade—a great ball in the city of Port-à-Lucine. Hope you brought your dancing shoes!

CONTENT WARNING: Possession, insomnia, oppressive aristocracy, forced impersonation, anxiety of living a lie, abduction 

RMH-01 The Final Curtain by Greg Marks | DMs Guild release: August 10, 2021
A four-hour adventure for 3rd-level characters.

Over dinner, a friendly face asks you to venture to Emherst, a quirky village in Kartakass, in search of a missing person. No sooner do you arrive than villagers start winding up dead. Who is behind the murders? 

CONTENT WARNING: Murder, death by suffocation and poisoning, fire, gore and mutilation, performance anxiety, forced into a role, manipulation (gaslighting), drug and alcohol use 

RMH-02 Back to the Front by Travis Woodall | DMs Guild release: September 14, 2021
A four-hour adventure for 3rd-level characters.

Your quarry has been located, meaning that returning them to Alanik Ray is just a matter of getting to them. Unfortunately, a never-ending horde of zombies stands between them and you—can you complete your mission? 

CONTENT WARNING: Violent despotism, execution by impaling, traumas of war, involuntary servitude, child soldiers, children in peril, grotesque body modification, gore, violence 

Debuting August  13-15, 2021:
RMH-03 by Claire Hoffman | DMs Guild release: October 12, 2021
An adventure for 4th-level characters.

RMH-04 by Alan Patrick | DMs Guild release: November 9, 2021
An adventure for 4th-level characters.

Debuting in September 2021:
RMH-05 by Casper Kirketerp-Helenius | DMs Guild release: December 14, 2021
​An adventure for 5th-level characters.

RMH-06 by Ayanna Jones | DMs Guild release: January 11, 2022
​An adventure for 5th-level characters.

Debuting in October 2021:
RMH-07 by Jay Africa | DMs Guild release: February 8, 2022
​An adventure for 6th-level characters.

RMH-08 by Kat Kruger | DMs Guild release: March 8, 2022
​An adventure for 6th-level characters.

Debuting in December 2021:
RMH-09 by The GM Tim | DMs Guild release: April 12, 2022
​An adventure for 6th-level characters.

RMH-10 by Marcello De Velazquez | DMs Guild release: May 10, 2022
​An adventure for 7th-level characters.

Debuting in January 2022:
RMH-11  by Gabrielle Harbowy | DMs Guild release: June 14, 2022
An adventure for 7th-level characters.

RMH-12 by Steffie de Vaan | DMs Guild release: July 12, 2022
An adventure for 7th-level characters.

RMH-EP-02 by Jeremy Forbing & Ginny Loveday | DMs Guild release: August 9, 2022
An Epic adventure for 8th-level characters.

As Ravenloft: Mist Hunters progresses, we'll update this listing with more adventure titles and teasers!