Happy Liars Night!

A Frightfully Good Time Awaits!

It's October, the month D&D Adventurers League sponsors it's festive annual event, Liars Night! Previous celebrations have included specially written encounters and fanciful items Dungeon Masters could insert into their Adventurers League games. Liars Night is a limited event. While characters may still carry memories and items from those festivities, after the last day of celebrations, those encounters can't be played again.

Liars Night Lore

The nights grow longer, and the chill in the air, more biting. Settlements increase activity in preparation for the sun's hibernation and find any excuse for merriment before the cold chases everyone indoors. On Liars Night eve, no one is as they seem, or less so than usual. Children and adults, alike, disguise themselves through illusion and costume. Tricksters, pranksters, and performers play for genuine laughs. And pickpockets pilfer candy instead of coin. Candlelit carved pumpkins and gourds ensure, for just one night, no one holds your deceptions and chagrins against you. Only those disrespectful enough to blow out others' candles are judged poorly for potentially attracting the ire of the gods. Leira, a deity of illusion and deception, and Mask, trickster patron of spies and thieves, do not favor those who disrupt their holiday.  

Liars Night 2021

This year we have two special treats prepared for you and your characters' Liars Night celebrations. 

Little Treat

The first Liars Night treat appears on October 22nd.

Bee Zelda is in the laboratory, putting together a choose-your-own-path adventure for us on the Adventurers League Twitter account that is sure to be shocking! If you're brave enough to make it to the end, there's a reward so sweet you won't be able to turn it down. Make sure you click through the options, every path has two choices.

Big Haul

Liars Night's second treat releases October 29th.

Greg Marks is designing a Liars Night one-shot adventure for the Forgotten Realms storyline! The adventure will be available for free download on the DMs Guild, and awards a special certificate available only during the festival period.

Fuzzytail Farm and the Frightful Candy Goat Massacre

A frightful catastrophe has struck Fuzzytail's farm. You are called on to help set things right. This adventure contains  family-friendly spookiness, along with options to ramp up the horror for audiences wanting more scares. A two-hour adventure for 1st- through 4th-level characters. Optimized for 3rd level characters. 

Content Warnings: abuse (harassment, livestock theft), non-painful and non-lethal dismemberment, possible phobia trigger (spiders, insects, bats).
Make it Scarier” Optional Content Warnings: gore (dismemberment), death (exsanguination, humanoids as food

Last Day of Celebrations

This year's Liars Night adventure will be available for free download from the DMs Guild through November 30th, and will be legal for Adventurers League play through December 31st, 2021.

So mark your calendars and keep an eye out for more spooky and fun information.