Happy Liars Night 2022

Happy Liars Night, All!

​As the nights grow longer and the chill in the air more biting, we're taking a nostalgic look at Liars Night holiday events of the past and the Liars Night epic!

While celebrating Liars Night this year, Dungeon Masters (DMs) have three Liars Night adventures they may choose to run (Liar's Night epic at single or multiple tables, The Haunted Mansion, and Fuzzytail Farms and the Frightful Candy Goat Massacre). And they may insert one or two Wandering Monsters encounters into each of their D&D Adventurers League game sessions.

Earn candy corns as instructed, with two exceptions. For every 2018 and 2019 candy corn earned, trade them from either or both The Kernel's Wares 2018 and 2019 tables. And replace "TCP" with "gold."

This is only the second time these holiday events have been made available, but like previous Liars Night celebrations, they will only be here for a limited time.

January 2nd, 2023, they will no longer be playable or available for download.

So start playing your Adventurers League Liar's Night 2022 content now! 

Here's what is available.

2018's Encounters and The Kernel's Wares

Go Trick-or-Treating with goblins.

Overhear the discussion of family expectations and a Fear of Flying.

Help sea hags cook their Soup of the Day

Survive Haward Littletoes' Harvest Golem Haunting

Hear the Grinding, Crunching of a grave construct.

Get Maized, navigating a corn maze with minotaur scarecrows and angry poplings.

Help an alchemist make something Greater than Gold--candy corn.

Defeat the Kernel's foe and annoyingly Festive Presence--peppermint dragons.

Encounter a vengeance spirit believing that What Goes Around, Comes Around.

2019's Encounters, The Kernel's Wares, and Liar's Night Epic

This epic adventure is having its first holiday event release this year!

Liar's Night

A Baldur's Gate epic for tier 1 and 2 characters

Your presence is hereby requested at the Bloodmire Masque on the eve of Liar's Night for an exclusive one-night-only reopening of Bloodmire Manor in Baldur's Gate. Your finest costumes and masks are required as we celebrate this momentous occasion. Forget not a Gourd of Light, lest all your secrets be revealed!

2019 Encounters:

     Stop Pesky Pumpkimps from making mischief.

     Face The Invisible Man-ticore.

     Craft Your Own Costume! 

     Beware the Cat's Eye. 

     Trick-or-treat all for one and Lemure Onesie for All!

     Declare three pranks, "Mischief Accomplished."

     Uh oh, the peppermint dragons are back--Festive Presence Redux.


2020's The Haunted Mansion and Encounters

The Haunted Mansion adventure includes two Wandering Monster encounters to insert in this adventure or others.

At sunset, Mordenkainen's Haunted House suddenly appears in the adventurers' path, ready to test the mettle of would-be companions and potential enemies.

Encounters include a Carved Pumpkins contest and answering The Green Witch's Pleas to find the Kernel.

2021's Fuzzytail Farms Adventure

Fuzzytail Farm and the Frightful Candy Goat Massacre

A two-hour adventure for tier 1 characters

A frightful catastrophe has struck the Fuzzytail farm. You are called in to help set things right. This adventure contains family-friendly scares and options to ramp up the horror for older audiences.

And choose your own path at the Liars Night carnival Twitter thread.