Exploring The Wild Beyond the Witchlight

It's time to delve into the Feywild! To accompany the publication of The Wild Beyond the Witchlight, the Adventurers League has prepared the following materials, available on the DMs Guild.

WBW-PR Lost Things
Like a half-forgotten dream, the Witchlight Carnival drifts into our world once every eight years, drawing folk of all ages to delight in its fey wonders. Entry without a ticket is strictly forbidden, and the consequences for trespass echo through time.

A 2-hour prelude adventure for players beginning the Wild Beyond the Witchlight campaign.
CONTENT WARNING: Fairytale abduction, magical charm

WBW-EP The Witchlight Carnival
Your journey for the safe return of a treasured possession has led you back to the Witchlight Carnival: a spectacular event of games, music, food, and friendship. However, strange things are afoot, and it's up to you to find out what they are and who is behind them.

A 3-hour multi-table adaptation of the first chapter of The Wild Beyond the Witchlight.
CONTENT WARNING: Fairytale abduction, magical charm

WBW Adaptation Guide
This document provides information on how to use The Wild Beyond the Witchlight in Adventurers League play, including guidance on magic items, character advancement, and suggestions for dividing the adventure content into shorter play sessions.

A Note on Adventure Releases

The possibilities for adventure in the Feywild are limitless, so this season, instead of a series of official D&D Adventurers League adventures, we'll be highlighting our D&D Adventurers League Community content and providing space for our creators and their creativity to shine. What does this mean for you?

- The book product ​The Wild Beyond the Witchlight ​is the primary play experience for this season. The adaptation guide provides guidance on breaking up this content into session-by-session play. Lost Things, the prelude adventure for the season, is a great way to play out a hook to get your characters involved! 

- Romp throughout the Feywild by exploring adventures that our community has created through the Dungeoncraft program!  If you'd like to traverse the worlds beyond Prismeer, our expanded Dungeoncraft program allows creators to dream up their own Domains of Delight adventures elsewhere in the Feywild.  All adventures published to the DMs Guild with the WBW-DC adventure code are available to include in your Adventurers League session.