DMsGuild Official Adventures Update

Illustration by Robson Michel.

Hi folks,

Some of you may have received a DMsGuild newsletter recently with some information stating that individual adventure listings from official D&D Adventurers League adventures (official Adventurers League content from past Forgotten Realms seasons, Dreams of the Red Wizards, Eberron: Oracle of War, and Ravenloft: Mist Hunters) would be turned off in January 2023, with bundles still available containing those adventures. 

The decision was made to focus interest on the newer community-created content, and it was our intention that we revisit our pricing model by January for the bundles to make it even more affordable for those missing just a few adventures from a past season. 

However, it was not our intent to have this communicated via a DMsGuild newsletter first - an official communication should have occurred on the D&D Adventurers League blog or social media beforehand. In addition, we've seen the community reaction to this change, especially the adventure designer community, and have decided on the following:

We are suspending plans to remove individual official Adventurers League adventures from the DMsGuild . 

In addition, it is not our intent to make a change with regards to individual adventure availability until such time as we have a more substantive change to the Adventurers League program. We are not planning any substantive changes for 2023. 

We will communicate any future changes through our official D&D Adventurers League channels (currently, this blog, our official Twitter, and our official Discord channel) first. 

I want to offer a note of thanks to the creator community for giving us this feedback and thank you for your continued passion!