Celebrate Dungeons and Dragons’ 50th with Adventurers League

Image: Weighty metallic letters read, “Legacy of Worlds"

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons with Adventurers League at GaryCon!

The D&D Adventurers League is partnering with Six Sides of Gaming and the cast of the upcoming Legacy of Worlds streaming show to bring you a special campaign-spanning D&D Adventurers League Epic adventure.

About Legacy of Worlds

Legacy of Worlds is an ongoing weekly epic streaming show that will visit many of D&D’s most famous worlds. The cast of characters includes the Dungeon Master by The Tome Keeper Devin Wilson ( he/him), Melf, played by Luke Gygax (Creator of Gary Con, he/him), Elminster by Ed Greenwood (Creator of Forgotten Realms, he/him), Merrix D’Cannith by Keith Baker (Creator of Eberron, he/him), Elise Von Brandthofen by Elisa Teague (Tasha's Cauldron of Everything, Betrayal's Widow's Walk, she/her), Loholt Lynnvander by Tommy Gofton (Buffy, Star Trek Alliance, and Legacy of Mana, he/him) and a host of more famous guest stars!

Image: Part of the cast—(back row, left to right) Ed Greenwood, Luke Gygax, Tommy Gofton, (bottom row) Keith Baker, and Elisa Teague--cheerfully huddle together.

Legacy of Worlds follows some of the most famous D&D characters on a mission to save the D&D multiverse and debuts in February with one pre-recorded show a week until GaryCon. DDAL00-14 Proxy Hunt will premiere on Friday night of GaryCon (March 22, 2024), and the next episode of the stream will occur LIVE Saturday of GaryCon. The rest of the show runs weekly until Gamehole Con in October!

Where Legacy of Worlds Ends Our Epic Begins

DDAL00-14 Proxy Hunt, written by Greg Marks, Toni Winslow-Brill, and Tommy Gofton with contributions from many industry notables, picks up in the city of Sigil where Legacy of Worlds ends. The legendary heroes are in need of an army of adventurers from their home worlds to help them search for a missing person with critical information to their quest.

Designed for tiers 2 and 3, Proxy Hunt is the first-ever epic allowing cross-campaign play! Forgotten Realms, Dragonlance, Ravenloft, and Eberron characters will all be at the same tables and bring their unique perspectives and abilities to solve the mystery and save the multiverse. This adventure features all pillars of play, emphasizing creative problem-solving over grinding combat. During the epic, several special guests will play surprise roles onsite, and there will be special prizes, all adding to the excitement. 

After GaryCon

DDAL00-14 Proxy Hunt will be released later on the DMsGuild, and contain rules for solo table play, so you don’t have to be at GaryCon to participate in the story! 

DDAL00-14 Proxy Hunt 

A four-hour Epic adventure optimized for 8th and 13th-level D&D Adventurers League characters from ANY Adventurers League campaign.

By Greg Marks, Toni Winslow-Brill, Tommy Gofton, and many more!

Legends from across the planes desperately seek information from Ferrix, the weretiger goddess of curiosity, but her proxy has disappeared in the City of Doors before a meeting could occur. Unable to locate the missing emissary, the legendary heroes transport adventurers from their home realms to aid in the search. It’s a race against time to find the missing proxy, aided and hindered by the Factions of Sigil. Not everyone can win, but if the adventurers fail, everyone loses.