An Introduction to Ravenloft: Mist Hunters

Join us as the Adventurers League prepares for its newest Alternate campaign! Ravenloft: Mist Hunters premieres at July's Virtual Play Weekend, and sweeps us into an immersive, atmospheric mystery spanning the Domains of Dread.

Mist Hunters has been designed to tell a complete, linear story over the course of 14 adventures. We'll begin and end with Epic adventures that feature the trademark multi-table, interactive sessions for in-person or online play; these Epics can also be explored by a single table in line with the 12 main adventures.  

In order to support the immersive, story-driven intent behind Mist Hunters, these adventures have been written for a minimum of three characters and a maximum of five. We hope that this smaller group size allows more room at the table for players and DMs alike to focus on roleplay, exploration, and social interaction. This will not be a combat-oriented series; resorting to brute force may cause unexpected consequences for characters who try it. The mists are dangerous, after all.

Another tie that binds characters to the story will be the character creation process, one unique to Mist Hunters: players will be guided through the mists of Ravenloft and develop facets of their characters at the table. The guided experience is shaped through the drawing of cards from a Tarokka deck, and it will be featured at Virtual Play Weekends and other events. Once the first adventures are available in the DM's Guild, players may also choose a self-guided process if they already know the kind of character they would like to take through the Domains.

The horror genre is not one to be taken lightly; while each adventure in Mist Hunters aims to explore a specific subgenre of horror, such as gothic horror, ghost stories, dark fantasy, or amoral science, the content remains respectful of our players and our DMs. The themes do not stray from the Adventurers League's target experience that approximates a PG-13 movie rating, and all adventures have been thoroughly reviewed by our Sensitivity and Inclusion Lead, Ma'at Crook. Where needed, content warnings are included so players and DMs may discuss safety tools and set boundaries before the play session.

But this isn't all! Over the next few weeks, expect more information from our blog, including the following articles:

- Building the Mist Hunters campaign

- Character creation behind-the-scenes

- Safety tools and creating a welcoming space

- Dramatis personae of Mist Hunters

If you have questions regarding Ravenloft: Mist Hunters, feel free to ask in the Adventurers League channels on the D&D Discord server, through the D&D Adventurers League Twitter account, or via email at