Adventure Releases: October 2022

Here are the newest D&D Adventurers League release now available on the DMs Guild for the Dreams of the Red Wizards campaign.

Dreams of the Red Wizards Releases

DDAL-DRW-INT-01 Big Problems

by Marcello De Velazquez

Image: On the cover of Big Problems a spellcaster (human with red-brown skin), fighter (dwarf with pale coral skin), archer (elf with lavender-white skin), and rogue (human with light-terra cotta skin) are stopped at the gate by a guard.

The town of Daggerford is in over its head, and needs heroes to solve a really big problem. Things will get worse before they get better.

Content Warnings: fantasy racism, manipulation, animal death, mob violence

DDAL-DRW-INT-02 Watchers of the Trollclaws

by Casper Kirketerp-Helenius

Image: On the cover of Watchers of the Trollclaws a mage is in the process of being disintegrated by a beholder zombie. Two spectators watch on.

Caravan merchants traveling the Winding Water speak of a ruin that has risen from the muck of the Trollclaws. Its walls are covered with carved eyes that glow in the moonlight and weep an unnatural fog during the day. What treasures await you within?

Content Warnings: alcohol, death by gas, mentions humanoid sacrifice, undead enslavement

DDAL-DRW-INT-03 A Red Day for Elventree

by Marcello De Velazquez

Image: On the cover of A Red Day for Elventree an army of zombies climb a barrier and set out of a city's ruins.

The village of Elventree has long been a Harper outpost in the Moonsea and was home to the allied Five Factions, which struck the first blow of the Red War. Now, Thay strikes back.

Content Warnings: tyranny, nonconsensual reanimation of the dead

 DDAL-DRW-INT-04Tales of Fang and Claw

by Casper Kirketerp-Helenius

Image: On the cover of Tales of Fang and Claw a tired and determined adventurer stabs a zombie in the chest.

A reclusive patron of Candlekeep has passed away and the Avowed have asked you to travel to his mansion in the Wood of Sharp Teeth, where his servants wait to hand over his collection.

Content Warnings: slavery, mentions mass murder by poison, nonconsensual reanimation of the dead