Adventure Releases: March 18, 2022

Here are the newest D&D Adventurers League release now available on the DMs Guild for the Dreams of the Red Wizards campaign, along with the final Ravenloft: Mist Hunters adventures that complete the series storyline!

Dreams of the Red Wizards Release

DDAL-DRW-17 Expedition to the Supreme Forge

by Paul Gabat

DMs Guild release: March 10, 2021

Image: On the cover of Expedition to the Supreme Forge a blonde adventurer protectively stands between a fallen person and a shadow dragon, pointing a glowing staff toward the growling threat.

Allies reveal the location of the Supreme Forge: the origin of Xorvintroth’s unique blend of artifice and magic. The answers to controlling the city’s dangerous artifacts lie within for those brave enough to recover them.

Part Four of the The Cold Dark series of adventures. 

Content Warnings: oppression (mentions slavery), mental health (hallucinations), environmental hazards (Far Realm effects), death (explosion, decapitation, character disintegration).

Ravenloft: Mist Hunters Releases

RMH-09 The Deadliest Game

by The GM Tim

DMs Guild release: February 11, 2021

Image: On the cover of The Deadliest Game, a light-ochre skinned adventurer sees undead emerging from the jungle.

In the tenth adventure in the series, rumors tell of a jungle shrine in the domain of Valachan, and Alanik has asked you to brave the dangers within in search of the vestige that sleeps within an amber sarcophagus. While the jungle is the clearest danger, you'll have far deadlier things to contend with than beasts and plants.

Content Warning: horror, gore, xenophobia, genocide, humanoid hunting, ritualistic murder, forced survival combat, death, forced amputation, environmental hazards (jungle), possible phobia triggers (insects, snakes, leeches).

RMH-10 Scion of Darkness

by Marcello De Velazquez

DMs Guild release: February 17, 2021

Image: On the cover of Scion of Darkness, a horned and feathered Tyrannosaurus-like monster roars.

The island of Kiru is visible in the distance, and within the jungles that blanket it, the temple that you seek. The jungle doesn’t rest, however, and neither should you; with death fast on your heels, you must set off in pursuit of your quarry.

Content Warning: horror, gore (blood, dismemberment, impalement), xenophobia, genocide, humanoid hunting, being hunted, ritualistic murder, murder, self-harm, forced amputation, optional possession, threats, intimidation, environmental hazards (jungle), possible phobia triggers (insects, snakes, leeches).

D&D Adventurers League releases now available on the DMs Guild include the following for Ravenloft: Mist Hunters.

RMH-11 Calling Upon the Dead

by Gabrielle Harbowy

DMs Guild release: March 10, 2021

Image: On the cover of Calling Upon the Dead  a light-brown skinned adventurer kneels while ghosts surround her.

A séance among friends new and old leads the investigation somewhere deeper and darker than ever before. Conjuring the restless spirits of slain adventurers, you rely on them to guide you to the next piece of the puzzle.

Content Warning: death of loved ones, grief, undead imprisonment and enslavement. Mentions mass murder, murder of families, and suicide.

RMH-12 Beneath the New Star

by Steffie de Vaan

DMs Guild release: March 14, 2021

Image:The cover of Beneath the New Star shows a ghostly force destroying a city buildings.

Newfound knowledge brings you to the domain of Darkon. Alanik is certain Azalin Rex is behind the dark plot, but time is running out to stop them. The detective charges you with venturing to the ruins of Castle Avernus to learn what you can. Hopefully, it isn’t too late.

Content Warning: possible phobia trigger (insects). Mentions torture, gaslighting, murder, nonconsensual reanimation of the dead, and murder of one’s adult child.

RMH-EP-02 A Darklord's Denouement

by Ginny Loveday and Jeremy Forbing

DMs Guild release: March 18, 2021

Image: On thee cover of A Darklord's Denouement a werewolf attacks two Black adventurers but they are prepared with sword and spell.

In this three-hour epic conclusion to the Ravenloft: Mist Hunters series, the true mastermind behind the dark plot you’ve been investigating has been revealed. Bathed in the crimson light of the King’s Tear, Alanik, Kabe, and a host of adventurers from countless Domains of Dread, stand ready to put an end to his profane aspirations. But will it be enough?

Content Warning: Torture, child in peril, death (child, loved ones), fighting yourself, unavoidable failure, demonic possession, possible phobia triggers (drowning, blood), being forced into evil actions, memory loss, false memories, disappointing loved ones, nonconsensual body swap, forced PvP combat, character retirement, mentions murder of an adult child.

Before Embarking on an Adventure into the Mists

Reference the Mist Hunters’ Safety Kit article and Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft for tips and tools on running a safe and fun game.