Adventure Releases: July 2022

Here are the newest D&D Adventurers League release now available on the DMs Guild for the Dreams of the Red Wizards campaign.

Dreams of the Red Wizards Releases

DDAL-DRW-19 Fall the Cold Night  

by Andy Dempz

Image: On the cover of Fall the Cold Night a elder brain dragon lumbers.

In trying to undo the characters’ sabotage, the Red Wizards have ripped wide the portal to the Far Realm. Father Llymic’s brood swarms forth and the Elder Evil hears their call.

Part One of the Frozen Worlds series of adventures.

Content Warnings: Far Realm effects, body horror (transformation), mind and body control, possible character retirement, decapitation, possible phobia trigger (worms), mentions slavery.

DDAL-DRW-EP04  Tears Among the Stars 

by Andy Dempz and Ginny Loveday 

Image: On the cover of Tears Among the Stars is an overhead view of a spelljammer ship, flying over and attacking a town, catching it on fire.

A gith ally has tracked the Anomaly to the heavily fortified neogi stronghold of Journey’s Legg. The Sha’sal Khou is mustering an assault against the slavers’ asteroid base and offers to let you use the assault to slip inside to recover what you need to finally defeat the Thayans.

Content Warnings: slavery, mind control, torture, death and mass murder by disintegration, pulverizing, consuming flesh, dissolving, and electrocution, mentions involuntary experimentation