Adventure Releases: January 12th, 2022

Ravenloft: Mist Hunters Releases

D&D Adventurers League releases now available on the DMs Guild include the following for Ravenloft: Mist Hunters.

The cover of The City of Dreams

RMH-07 The City of Dreams

by Jay Africa

Entrusted with greater responsibility, you’ve been dispatched to I’Cath to find the Urn of Dreams. There, you must navigate the city and find a way into the Palace of Bones—the home of the domain’s Darklord. To accomplish this, you’ll need help from unlikely sources. Whatever you do, though, don’t fall asleep.

Content Warning: body horror (eyes, teeth), gore, death, children in peril, slavery, poverty, imposed insomnia, grief, self-harm

The cover of The Palace of Bones

RMH-08 The Palace of Bones

by Kat Kruger

The Urn of Dreams lies somewhere within the Palace of Bones, and you’ve been tasked with finding it. Along the way, you learn you aren’t the only ones in pursuit of the elusive artifact. To have any hope of recovering the urn before your mysterious rival, you must discover the palace’s secrets, and use them to your advantage.

Content Warning: nightmares, possession (loss of agency), gore (dismemberment), food (rot), stalking, mentions death by execution, confined spaces, slavery

Before Embarking on an Adventure into the Mists

Players and DMs should review the Mist Hunters Safety Kit to understand content warnings, discuss the use of safety tools, and make time for pre- and post-game discussions to ensure everyone is comfortable playing in a horror setting.