Adventure Releases: February 1st, 2022

Dreams of the Red Wizards

The D&D Adventurers League release now available on the DMs Guild is for the Dreams of the Red Wizards campaign.

Image: On the cover of Uprising, an eel-like creature bursts from a body in front of two shocked observers in cold weather gear.

DDAL-DRW-16 Uprising

by Jonathan Connor Self

In part three of the The Cold Dark series, Thayans are fortifying buildings in the center of Xorvintroth. It’s time to figure out why they’re here.

This is a four hour adventure for eleventh through sixteenth level characters and is optimized for an APL of thirteen. This purchase includes a print-friendly version of the adventure.

Content Warnings: oppression (slavery, child slavery, racism, tyranny), mental health (Far Realm effects, anxiety, delusions, hallucinations), nonconsensual reanimation of the dead, explosives, abuse (psychological torture, starvation). See appendix C.