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Adventure Releases: December 14th 2021

Today's D&D Adventurers League releases now available on the DMs Guild include the following:

In the Ravenloft: Mist Hunters storyline:

RMH-05 Unexpected Hospitality by Casper Kirketerp-Helenius

While you were attending to other matters, Alanik dispatched a team of operatives to Barovia. The team has gone silent, and Alanik fears the worst. You have been tasked with discovering the fate of the lost team and completing their mission. If you can avoid the attention of Count Strahd von Zarovich, all the better.

CONTENT WARNING: gore, fur trade (mention)

RMH-06 Amber Reclamation by Ayanna Jones-Lightsy

Your investigations have led you to the peaks of Mount Ghakis, and the Amber Temple -- an ancient resting place of terrible evil -- lay before you. With any luck, the missing investigator is inside and their work complete. Unfortunately, luck doesn’t seem to have been working in their favor so far.

CONTENT WARNING: possession, starvation (mention)

Before embarking on an adventure into the mists, players and DMs should review the Mist Hunters Safety Kit to understand content warnings, discuss the use of safety tools, and make time for pre- and post-game discussions to ensure everyone is comfortable playing in a horror setting.