Adventure Releases: August 2022

Here are the newest D&D Adventurers League release now available on the DMs Guild for the Dreams of the Red Wizards campaign.

Dreams of the Red Wizards Releases

DDAL-DRW-20 The Death of Szass Tam  

by Alan Patrick

Image: On the cover of The Death of Szass Tam a Red Wizard casts a fiery spell.

Szass Tam arrives in Xorvintroth! Just as you were about to secure victory, the Regent of Thay is poised to turn things back in his favor. However, if Szass Tam is there to set things right, that means he’s out in the open, and the rebel Zulkir Dar’lon Ma has a plan!

Content Warnings: Far Realm effects, “madness,” body horror (transformation), mind and body control, gore, possible phobia trigger (insects, rodents, snakes), compulsion curse, possible character death, possible character retirement