Adventure Releases: August 10th 2021

Today's D&D Adventurers League releases now available on the DMs Guild include the following:

In the Ravenloft: Mist Hunters storyline:

RMH-EP-01 The Grand Masquerade by Ma'at Crook & Amy Lynn Dzura 

A four-hour epic adventure for 1st-level characters. 

You are approached by Alanik Ray, a master investigator working on behalf of a secret society. Seeking agents to aid in the search for a missing scholar, he asks that you attend the Grand Masquerade—a great ball in the city of Port-à-Lucine. Hope you brought your dancing shoes!

CONTENT WARNING: Possession, insomnia, oppressive aristocracy, forced impersonation, anxiety of living a lie, abduction 


RMH-01 The Final Curtain by Greg Marks 

A four-hour adventure for 3rd-level characters.

Over dinner, a friendly face asks you to venture to Emherst, a quirky village in Kartakass, in search of a missing person. No sooner do you arrive than villagers start winding up dead. Who is behind the murders? 

CONTENT WARNING: Murder, death by suffocation and poisoning, fire, gore and mutilation, performance anxiety, forced into a role, manipulation (gaslighting), drug and alcohol use 

Before embarking on an adventure into the mists, players and DMs should review the Mist Hunters Safety Kit to understand content warnings, discuss the use of safety tools, and make time for pre- and post-game discussions to ensure everyone is comfortable playing in a horror setting.

In the Icewind Dale: Plague of Ancients ​(seasonal) storyline:

DDAL10-09 Recipe for Retribution by Sonja Dunbar

A four-hour adventure for 5th through 10th-level characters.

The plan is in motion, and you must scour the breadth and depth of Icewind Dale for the components an extraplanar stranger needs to create explosive devices powerful enough to bury the ancient Abeiran city of Xorvintroth and seal away the horrors residing within. Are you up to the challenge?  Part Nine of the Plague of Ancients series of adventures.