Adventure Release: October 13th 2021

Today's D&D Adventurers League releases now available on the DMs Guild include the following:

In the Ravenloft: Mist Hunters storyline:

RMH-03 The Amber Dirge by Claire Hoffman
A three-hour adventure for 4th-level characters.

Your benefactor, Alanik Ray, has dispatched you to Har’Akir to investigate rumors of the White Oasis. Residents of the nearby River’s Shelter are all dying and seek to cleanse themselves in the oasis’s waters as hauntingly beautiful reed pipe music accompanies their passing. Something isn’t quite right, however. Are there more nefarious deeds afoot?

CONTENT WARNING: Terminal illness, self-harm (suicide), grief, depression, abduction, murder, thoughts of dying, denial of the peace of death

Before embarking on an adventure into the mists, players and DMs should review the Mist Hunters Safety Kit to understand content warnings, discuss the use of safety tools, and make time for pre- and post-game discussions to ensure everyone is comfortable playing in a horror setting.