Admin Spotlight: Claire Hoffman

Over the next few months, we'll be getting to know a little more about each of the members of our Adventurers League Admin team. Next up is our Resource Manager, Claire Hoffman! 

What's your role on the AL Admin team?

Currently I am the Resource Manager. What that covers has changed over time, and some of what I oversee allows me to better manage other aspects. I oversee the production schedule of adventures, which helps when I deal with conventions and gamedays as their point of contact. I also mange the Trading Post, which is an activity used by conventions and gamedays. Organizing the Dungeoncraft program is also part of my responsibilities.

How did you get started playing tabletop games?

Short version: a friend’s husband had a home game. She was not into Fantasy, but knew I read a lot of it and she asked me if I would try out this game called D&D, so she’d have one friend in the group that took over her house most Saturday afternoons. (Her husband was an army recruiter, and the group was mainly high school students.)

How did you get started with the Adventurers League?

I joined the RPGA. While DMing at GenCon in ’96, I was encouraged by the other DMs running Living Death adventures to help with the campaign. I did volunteer and started as a plot continuity/history advisor, which morphed into managing the campaign for ten years. My low Wisdom score resulted in talking my husband into submitting a joint application for a position on the Living Forgotten Realms team. We were Co-Writing Directors for Waterdeep, though later in the campaign I took over as one of the LFR Global Admins after one stepped down. Having not increased my Wisdom score, I applied to be an Admin for DDAL. I started as a Content Assistant, and switched over to Resource a few years ago.

Do you have a favorite type of character to play?

Funny answer: Tall!

More truthful: They somehow end up being the reluctant leader; they generally don’t want to be in charge, but they don’t follow fools quietly.

If your pet was an NPC what class would they be?

Snow is a cleric of Sune. She knows she is pretty and does not hesitate to ask for attention (and will use her claws to get it), however Con is her dump stat.

Where on social media can people find you?

I am on Twitter as @DragonvuClaire.